My email is coming in, but I cannot send out, what is going on?

You may need to check your Outbound mail settings to see who your Outbound carrier is. Typically we have our customers use their ISP as their outbound mail carrier for a couple reasons:

1) Your ISP has a larger license with the Internet to allow more bulk mail from one IP address, where as our server does not offer the same licensing agreement, and therefore, if too much email is sent out on our server, we could get flagged and blacklisted by Internet security and we would not be able to sustain our quality of service.

2) Your ISP is going to be faster and more reliable on your outbound mail server.

If you are using this mail in a static locaton, then you should use your ISP as your Outbound mail server.

However, if you are putting this on a laptop or mobile device and unsure what the ISP may be from hotspot to hotspot, then we recommend using our Outbound mail server.